No Stock in Levi Strauss or Wrangler Jeans!

Until last Monday (4/3/06), I had two pairs of jeans in my closet; one blue denim (covered with the paint & glue residue of various home improvement and dollhouse miniature creations) and one black (stained with silver and white paint from a miniatures workshop – go figure). Both pairs were purchased somewhere near 23 years ago (!), when I had destroyed one-too-many pairs of slacks painting/gardening/making miniatures and Tom decided I needed to broaden my wardrobe horizons:-)

Odd as it may seem to some, I didn’t own a pair of “jeans” until I was in my senior year of high school! They weren’t blue denim, and they weren’t paid for by my parents (they weren’t something I “needed”)- they were brown, Western cut with snazzy belt loop detailing, fairly pricey (being purchased at a specialty shop in the then-thriving Farmer’s Market in Los Angeles), painfully saved for out of my allowance and babysitting fees and bought specifically for our Senior Outing up to the snowy reaches of ??????????? (Hey! We’re talking 40+ years ago! Who could remember where?!) What I DO remember is that I wore them exactly once!

I completely destroyed them , early in the trip, when a group of us decided to slide down an inviting, snowy slope without benefit of ‘snow discs’, sheets of cardboard, etc! I (of course) chose the trajectory which included a barely-disguised, sharp, rump-chewing rock! I completed the rest of the Senior Trip with a sweater tied at my waist, disguising the rear-end air conditioning!

Bred and raised a “San Francisco kid” (obviously in another era, when the “hat, suit & gloves” tradition applied and a lady never wore pants downtown!), jeans and blue denim weren’t even on the radar. According to my mother, they were definitely not an acceptable part of my wardrobe, even when I was riding horses! (That sartorial upbringing made me stumble over ‘casual dress’ occasions for years in the much more relaxed environs of Los Angeles, CA and San Antonio, TX, among others!)

Last Monday, I had a time-gap between two doctor’s visits, so I steered my trusty Camaro towards a favorite shop I hadn’t been to in several months. Classy Clothes (Bandera Road at Huebner on the NE corner, if you happen to be in town) is a resale/over-stock store like none other! If you’re a gal between size 2 and size XXL, a guy between slender and definitely-not-slender, or a parent looking for great clothes for a child to out-grow before they can wear them out, this is The Place To Go! In the past, I have found gorgeous blouses ($49.-$69. range at the “big name” stores) for $2.50 with the original tag in place; compliment-collecting dresses for $4. – $9.; the ‘perfect skirt’ for $3.-$5. – – – this time, it was a wonderful pair of black twill, skinny-legged Liz Claiborne jeans. New. Tags still attached. My cost – $7.50!! I’m delighted with how they fit, smug (yeah-why not?) about my find. . . .and would never have paid the $49. shown on the original tag and borne out by my surfing later!

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