I Had a Handle on Tuesday – But It Broke!!!

Honestly, I had a well-organized plan-of-attack when I got up on Tuesday morning! The was a lot to do, but I had a handle on it!

Tom III needed a new Rx filled (following Monday’s fairly brutal oral surgery) and the “forever” Rx (Prednisone drops since he’s had the corneal transplants) – #1 . . . Go to Walgreen’s. Thomas IV was planning to come down from Austin this afternoon, which meant Shannon might come over to spend time with her brother. Dinner for hungry “kids” and sore-mouthed husband was no problem – MommaCat’s Onion & Potato Soup to the rescue! However, that led to – #2. . . Go to HEB for chips, dips, snacks and garlic bread. Fur-kid Sundance needed a refill of the Prenisone emulsion which has kept him alive for over a year, so – #3. . . drive to the Northeast side of town and pick up his Rx! While “in the area”, I thought I would – #4 . . .check out Monarch Collectibles for half-inch scale wallpaper (for the Romantic Bedroom workshop). There was more on the list, but. . . . . .

I got a late start from the house, as misty rain suddenly turned into heavy rain. Foolish me – I waited for it to abate, because few drivers in this berg understand that rain adversely affects stopping distance! Still, everything but the wallpaper search was a must-do, and I wanted to be back home when T. IV arrived. #1 went as I expected – come back later to pick up the new Rx. . . . come back tomorrow for the one which was out of stock. #2 went great – chips, dips, lunch meat and two “salad bowl” starter plants safely stowed in my trunk. Since the rain had now become a visibility liability, I opted to stay off the always-an-adventure local freeways and use an alternate route across town for #3 (Sundance’s meds.)

Right there – – – between #’s 2 & 3 – – – my “handle” on the day Fell Off! My cell phone rang. (Yes, I usually answer it when I’m driving. I have yet to slow down or speed up unintentionally or cut off another driver while talking and driving. Where’s the problem? Treat it like talking to a passenger in your car . . .talk when you can and shut up when the driving is dicey!)

Tom III – calling from his office and not a happy camper! Dizziness, cold sweats and generally yucky – shouldn’t have taken the Vicodin on an empty stomach – could I pick him up and take him home? Sure . . . . except one of the nurses in his office (he works with 180+ nurses!) took the phone away from him and explained that EMS had already been called and I could meet the ambulance at XXXX Hospital! I altered course and headed for Pill Hill (our huge Health/Science center), while phoning messages to the kids. Both parking lots full. . . . I was trying to navigate the parking garage when another call came in; EMS didn’t think he needed to be transported to E.R. (blood pressure wonky but heart sounded fine), but his crew at work disagreed! O.K. – now how do I get out of this @#&* garage????? Call #2 to fill kids in.

When I got to Tom’s side, he claimed he was feeling much better, but he looked rumpled, pale and miserable. I happen to have a favorite hospital E.R. (though I’m not sure I’m still welcome there! back story), but bowed to the opinion of others and took him to XXXX Emergency Room. Signed him in at 2:30PM. Eventually, they drew blood and did an EKG – then sent him back to me in the waiting room. At 7:30 PM, that was STILL all they had done!!! By then, he was in a great deal of pain from the oral surgery (no pain meds since 12-12:30 PM!), very hungry, cold (the air conditioning in the waiting room was set on ICE) and we could easily see another two-hour wait ahead of us! The stress and irritation weren’t doing him any good – we left the E.R. without ever seeing a doctor!!

Remember where I said the chips and snacks were? They arrived home, with us, around 8 PM!

Sorry about the ramble & rant – I still can’t believe this all happened!! First order of business this morning was a full check-up for Tom III – he was pronounced well, but will only take the Vicodin at home after work from now on. Took him to his office (and his first reassuring glimpse of his beloved, “abandoned” Mustang!) and came home in time to say goodbye to T. IV before he trekked back to Austin:-(

“Life” is what happens while you’re making plans!!!

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  1. Leslie Watson says:

    Hey Christy,
    I know you are busy….Are you going to our class reunion in April? I just received a postcard (it’s too late now to go) addressed to Leslie Michaels Yamasaki and mailed to my ex-husband’s widow (Darrel died 7 years ago from a brain anuerism (sp?)) in Maryland. Pretty amazing. The last time I heard from any reunion committee, it was 20 years ago. I sent them some money for a reunion book and never heard from them again. They cashed the check, but the book never made it to Alamogordo. Sooooo…are you gonna’ go?

  2. Christy says:

    The reunion committee never has found me, but then I was only at Fairfax in my Senior year. Jerry Hollombe alerted me when his card arrived.

    I’m not planning to go. The only people I’d like to see are the few I’ve located via the Internet; you, Jerry & his wife Lydia . . .that pretty much sums it up! (But then. . .I was only at Fairfax…you can see where this is going. LOL!)

    Tom & I have moved some 12 times in the past 38 years (including a run that took us from San Antonio to San Jose to San Diego to San Antonio – that really messes with your mind! “Where are we? Oh, San Something!”), so the reunion commitee for Lincoln HS in San Francisco has never found me, either.

  3. Leslie Watson says:

    Being an ex-military wife, myself…..I totally understand. But it sure was bizarre to have the card go to my ex-husband’s address. He was the one who traveled more than me after 1983. I started at Fairfax in October of my senior year. I think that I’m just curious about a few folks. I’m sure I’ll think about them again sometime… maybe.

  4. In case anyone cares, I won’t be going to the reunion either. If Christy, Leslie and Lyndia Lowy all attended, that would make three people I’d want to see there (plus our assorted spice* of course).

    At $90/person plus parking and other expenses, it would make more sense to have you all come visit me while you’re in town. For $180 I could take us all out to dinner or order pizza and drinks and still be ahead of the game. (Heck, it cost less than that to cater my 50th birthday party mumble years ago.)

    *Plural of spouse. (-:

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