"Oh! That's Puce!"

Quickly, now – what movie is that phrase taken from? It came to mind yesterday when the clerk at JoAnn’s Fabrics asked, “Is your hand really supposed to be yellow and green?!” (If I hadn’t been wearing the splint, she could have seen the blue and purple parts. LOL!) The swelling in the thumb has gone down a bit, but it’s still stiff and it still throbs. No mini-ing for the moment!

We interrupt this transmission for a bird-tally : 8:50 AM – There are three blue jays and a woodpecker out on the feeders!!

I’m about to add a nifty new piece of “space-age technology” to my car; a Garmin Street Pilot i3! Shannon & Justin have been using GPS’s (for driving, geo-caching and flying) for quite awhile now, and Tom III has had his since …2004, I think. Recent events (such as getting epically lost on the N/E side of San Antonio after dark and taking a wrong turn to Thomas IV’s apartment in Austin last Tuesday ), coupled with the loan of Shannon’s system for the late-night drive to Austin when Thomas moved, had convinced me it was time to join them. Justin found a limited-time offer while surfing Amazon last night, and I ordered it in time to save 36% off the list price!

Better end this and start on my To Do list! If there’s time, today, I need to make a list of all the photos already posted in the Wakefield Manor gallery before I add more. Without it, there’s a distinct possibility I shall put some photos in twice!

Addendum- 11:43 PM Completed the Gallery Photo list, and got several photos resized and added. The new additions are in Family & Friends; will try to steadily work my way through the all catagories until I’m through all the photos stored on my computer and our file server. When that happens, I’ll have to advance my computer education by learning to scan the remaining boxes of photos for myself!

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