Diva Devil, bad luck and wildlife

We named our youngest “Fur Kid” Diva, because of the incredibly loud voice she used to announce that she was lost and frightened outside of my former office in Leon Valley. (She employed the same volume to state her distaste for the cat carrier I placed her in until I could bring her home – she “almost” got on everyone’s nerves enough to get me out of work early that day!)

As she has grown in size and agility, she has also exibited uncanny (uncatly?) abilities in “breaking and entering” (opening closed doors), “aerial maneuvers” (leaping amazingly high and changing direction while in flight) and “criminal activity” (locating the most important object in a given room and creatively attacking it!) These antics have led to my nickname for this adorable fur-ball: “Diva Devil”!

This morning, while I was trying to catch up on several projects in My Tower (my dream workroom finally realized!), Diva Devil chose to display both endearing and dangerous traits; she decided to play Cuddle Cat, directly behind my left heel, in total silence and without actually making contact with my foot. . . the latter would have alerted me to her presence! Instead, when I pivoted on my left foot and she halted the foot motion with her body, I did a crash-and-burn!! Lots of years of rheumatoid arthritis have taught me that a) the knees are going to take a beating in any fall and b) protect the hands – don’t use them to stop a fall. Well… I tried to protect my hands, but my left thumb encounted the leg of my work-stool! I didn’t flatten Diva during the fall – my knees have withstood worse impact with hard surfaces – but I seem to have broken (again?) my left thumb!!

Re: wildlife – I have watched the back-yard feeding stations today, while catching up on e-mail. It’s a great show, and today has been especially entertaining; sparrows, finches, “my” flock of 25+ red-wing blackbirds, 3 squirrels, 2 blue jays, multiple Inca doves and white wing doves, chickadees, 8 or 9 cardinals and grackles!!! Two grackles joined the party, and no one seemed perturbed. This – the opportunity to watch the activity and antics in my yard during an average day – may be the Best part of retirement!!

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