It's 5 PM – Do you know Where Your Time Went?

I cannot believe I haven’t accomplished a single thing since 6 AM except breathing!! Maybe I am just too much a retirement newbie, or maybe it’s that genetic quirk which constantly nags at me to be “doing something” (cleaning, building, organizing – something tangible!). There’s a little, hyperactive gerbil running around and around on a wheel inside of me. Whenever I am inactive, unproductive, or just plain want to be lazy, the gerbil starts his revolutions and produces guilt!

Guilt, of course, makes me look for excuses. Unfortunately, there aren’t any:-( Yes, I have been waiting since 7 AM for UPS to deliver the last half of son Thomas’ new computer system, but that doesn’t hold up as an excuse! “I can’t go out and plant the pansies and primroses – I won’t hear the doorbell.” That doesn’t work – A) I would hear the truck and B) I could put an “I’m in the back yard” note on the front door! “I can’t vacuum up all the cat fluff – I won’t hear the doorbell.” Well, that doesn’t work either – a KNOCK LOUDLY note on the door would solve that! “I can’t get my errands run.” Gee, this would be a great excuse. . but I have none which need to be run!

There are bills to be paid – surely I can get that done? Well, actually, I did try to do that. “There seem to be some kinks in the system.” (Now, if only I could remember what movie that is from!) The bills are supposed to reside in the symbolic little shopping cart in the kitchen until I migrate them upstairs to my rolltop desk to be dealt with. By means of some non-sentient prescience (try saying that 3 times, fast!), they apparently sensed that their time had come. . . and promptly evacuated both locations!

Up in my wonderful Tower/workroom, there are several projects begging for attention. I can easily reach the front door from my Tower before the UPS delivery person gets more than 3.5 blocks away!! But.. sigh.. there goes that gerbil, doing more laps on his &!@#**% wheel!!!

On a more upbeat note, my daughter’s blog made me realize that I may soon have the oldest car in the ‘family five’! No, this is a Good Thing, because I am very content with my little red sports car 🙂 Daughter’s acquisition of a Ford Escape Hybrid (soon, I hope) will put all five of us in cars with updated safety features – very important to any self-respecting MommaCat!

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