This Wasn't On The Schedule!!

One day late – I waited, but I still need to vent! That’s the Irish temperment showing up, isn’t it? (Alternate title – “Lame Entry”)

Ouch! I knew my errand schedule was a bit punishing yesterday, but . . . . .was that collision really necessary?

I successfully navigated over a large part of the San Antonio grid, including a long run out Broadway (almost to Austin Highway) to pick a suitable “door prize” for this weekend’s SAM’s Birthday Party at My Dollhouse (plus a few goodies for my Totally Texas scene and my general collection) and a frustrating trip to Triad Pharmacy for Sundance’s medication. “Frustrating” because their location is Really Awkward To Get To . . . . . . and I arrived to find a WE HAVE MOVED sign on their door!! They are now on Blanco near Bitters – a lot closer to home, much easier to get to – wonderful, really, but NOT when I discover the fact while trying to manuever from the other side of the city!!

I retrieved Thomas’ mis-directed paycheck and tucked it safely into his account, prowled Hancock Fabrics and Hobby Lobby, finally picking several fabrics (& alternates) for the weekend workshop, navigated Broadway (no mean feat), Blanco & Bitters. Last stop, the supermarket. Safe territory at last – – -or so I thought!!

A VERY LARGE pickup truck, “blinded by the sun” (Gee – – I noticed that visibility problem too! I Slowed Down!!!!!) slammed into the back of my beloved Camaro while I was stopped in the market parking lot waiting for an opportunity to turn. I am sore-beyond-belief (neck to lower leg), but it would have been much worse if I’d looked in my mirror and seen her coming!

Thanks to two vertical chrome and rubber “vanity bars” on the nose of the pickup, the impact was translated to the one part of my Scarlet Lady which could handle the impact gracefully – – -more gracefully than I did! (For the doubters – yes, I had Tom check out the metal support system behind the resin bumper.)

Getting back on the horse after you have been thrown was compulsory: when Tom got home, I drove him back to the Northeast side of town to retrieve Thomas’ Mustang and followed him back to SilverRock to “tuck the car in”. I was a combination of nerves and ouchie, but the run went smoothly.

2 Responses to “This Wasn't On The Schedule!!”

  1. Thomas says:


    You’re not supposed to do that while I’m out of town!

    Sometimes everything comes at you at once, sometimes literally.

    And to sum up, you got rearended a week after replacing your tail light?

    -That- is Blackburn luck.

  2. Christy says:

    LOL! Which part wasn’t I supposed to do while you were gone? Run TDM errands, make sure Betty was returned to her parking place or get much-too-close to whiplash courtesy of a really dumb driver?

    Remarkably, The Lady fared very well – the impact was deflected from the tail-light area by the truck’s vanity bars and the impact was ‘between the tail-lights’. (If she’d broken one of the tail light assemblies, I’d have demanded she pay the $150. fee!!!)

    More later – I’m going to post a “Dallas, mini fun and ice” note after I run some errands.


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