My Bad!

Definitely My Bad!! It’s going to get worse, too: I’m going to have to take total responsibility for this piece of middle-aged idiocy when Tom gets home from work! One of those “This can’t be good” situations just happened to me. “And I was having SUCH a good day.” Now, what movie is that from????? Hmm – it will come to me around 3AM!)

I put a few miles on the Scarlet Lady (my ’97 Camaro) today; drove across town (a bit past Blossom Stadium) to pick up a friend and fellow miniaturist (Norma P.) and bring her back to Huebner @ Eckhert for a 3-person UFO (UnFinished Object) Day at Pauline J’s house; then back to “Point A” to take Norma home. Coming back, I was planning on stopping at a couple of stores (we need food, I need rubber cement!) until I noticed The Lady was acting strangely. Not “acting funny” – I suddenly lost most of my braking power, and there wasn’t anything funny about it! The brake pedal was mushy, and the reaction time very slow.

Cancel errands – let’s see if we can get this baby home! Cell call to Tom – – -can my braking system simply fail, without noise, warning lights, etc? Answer: probably lost a brake line. O.K., I can deal with that – get her safely home and, maybe, Tom can do the repairs in the next few days.

Relief and disgust were only seperated by a nano-second. . . . . . . . . I eased her into the garage without driving through to the family room, breathed deeply (relief), and reached over to the passenger seat to retrieve my purse. That’s when I saw “it”, and the disgust struck! “It” was the parking brake – – – – that lever next to the center console – – – the one I NEVER use – – – -except for today, in the steep driveway at Pauline’s house!! I feel ill (as well as stupid), but I’m sure it will get worse as soon as Tom arrives. He will know, the minute I admit what I’ve done, how much damage I did!

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