Someday, I'll Laugh – – –

Someday, I will laugh about this morning’s misadventure. “Someday” isn’t here yet, by a long shot!

The morning started in deceptively innoccuous fashion: the alarm went off, and we both stumbled out of bed to greet the (pre) dawn gloom. Tom’s focus was on getting ready for work, while my focus was on ignoring the “weather report” from multiple joints until my meds had an opportunity to lower the reports’ volume somewhat.

Then, IT HAPPENED! In rather bleary-eyed fashion, I gazed into my sink. “Wake UP, brain! Something is wrong here! But what????” It took a groggy moment to identify what . . . . . . there, in the center of the sink, was the container my dentures reside in at night. With its’ lid next to it, instead of on it. With only my upper plate residing in it!!!!! The cats seem to enjoy knocking the container off the soap ledge, but one of them had upped the stakes of the game by Stealing My Lower Plate!!!!!

I did have a vague thought that I should try and control the worry (panic), concern (fear) and frustration (more four-letter words) until Tom was headed off to work. However, that left me with a huge problem: as we proceeded to look under, around and behind every piece of furniture in the house (making Tom later by the minute), I realized that continuing the search solo was going to be a nightmare! There’s a storm moving in, and my joints have been announcing that weather report loud and clear. No amount of medication was going to allow me to continue performing deep knee bends to search under tables and chairs, and no amount of padding was going to allow me to continue kneeling on damaged knees to look under sofas, beds, refrigerators and such!

What was I going to eat? How long would it take to replace? How was I going to do the errands on my to-do list? Waaaaaaahhhhhhh!!! I was even trying to watch all four cats, to see if one of them was ‘guarding a treasure’ – – lots of false leads and usless searches resulted from that exercise.

Finally, after about 25 minutes of this turmoil (and realizing completely how ludicrous this all was!), I remembered that neither of us had checked between sofa cushions – the favorite place for at lease one of our fur-kids to store treasures. Bingo!

Tom got dressed for work in record time, and I sat here trying very, very hard to turn this into a Good Laugh. Well, not yet – – – maybe later – – -like, two or three years from now? Sigh!!!

2 Responses to “Someday, I'll Laugh – – –”

  1. Shannon says:

    You have a far better sense of humor than I do, Mom. I think I might have strangled at least one cat in the process of the hunt, much less after finding their misappropriated “treasure” in my sofa cushions!

    So, which cat do you think did the deed… or was this a group effort, complete with a lookout and a con to divert your attention?

  2. Christy says:

    Oh, DEFINITELY group effort!!!! Cassidy is the one most prone to pushing the container off, Sundance was probably sleeping on the ear I didn’t have buried in the pillow and we all know that Diva loves to bury her treasures in the sofa cushions!!!! Little Bit (aka: Fossil) was probably up in the loft, shaking her head at the antics of “the youngsters”!!!!

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