Look up Procrastination in Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary, and you will see a photograph of . . . . . . . well, ME!

Two of my Inching Along club members have completed their Totally Texas prototypes!! Innovative exterior finishes and trims, flooring installed (or scribed and inked on the base of the box inself), porch area finished in weathered planking or egg carton “field stone”, inside walls “plastered” or wallpapered and shelving/racks/tables brimming with Texas themed miniatures. They’re wonderful to behold – – – and irritating in their completion!

*My* Totally Texas languishes upstairs with a coat of exterior stucco (applied too thickly, so its convincingly (?) and unintentionally covered in a spider web of cracks! The interior plaster work is a plan-in-waiting, as is the porch roof, support posts, porch & interior flooring. . . . you get the picture?

As further proof of my finely-honed ability to procrastinate:

1) It’s not a ‘shopping weekend’ – I have no menu nor shopping list to create, and there’s no need to negotiate the crowd of bad drivers in the supermarket aisles.
2) The house is whimpering for some cleaning, but not screaming for it.
3) The laundry could wait a day, but it isn’t.
4) It’s raining (Thank G-d!), so the gardening has to wait.
5) The entire collection of Deep Space Nine can be viewed at any time. . . I’m choosing Now.
6) After several days of silence, I’m posting to my blog twice in one day!
In other words, there isn’t a single reason for me to be sitting at this keyboard instead of working diligently away in my Tower! I think I’m close to winning the procrastination award – what do you think?!

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  1. Shannon says:

    It doesn’t help that your married, adult daughter keeps dropping in unannounced and hanging around through dinner and a movie! 🙂

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