Herding Cats

Saturday, 9am – Jan. 21st Since it was *The third Saturday of the month*, I was repeating something I have done for the past 2 years+ . . . . . Hearding Cats! (aka: conducting a business meeting of my miniatures club, Inching Along of San Antonio.)

My main goal of each business meeting is to get through the old & new business quickly enough to end the meeting before I totally lose control! Seriously! There is no group more capable of flying of on a fresh tangent in a millisecond than a group of miniaturists. Seventeen cats in one room could not move any faster in independent directions with individual goals than this group can!

Gave myself a pep-talk on the drive across town. “This should be an easy meeting; my fellow officers will be there, we have an agenda.” (The latter usually helps limit the number of tangents.) “Get through the list of items pertaining to our SAM’s Birthday Party in 2007, close the meeting and play with minis.” HAH!

My mental rehearsal of the meeting left something HUGE out of the equation: two club members were returning after being out-of-contact for several months of meetings & planning sessions!! The basic result of that conveniently forgotten fact was chaos – I would laugh about it after-the-fact, but I can’t. Every recent decision recounted in the Secretary’s report was challenged, questioned, rehashed and defended. Every “given” we have settled on in the past several months became the subject of sudden debate. I think they would have happily changed the theme, prototype, workshops and location if I hadn’t allowed some of my Irish attitude out of its box!

Just to make the scene more lively, the two members fanning the fires of contention are also the two who have (imho) the most “out there” and impractical ideas and suggestions! Sigh!

Where does the president go to resign?!

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