I Need a "Do-Over" !

Well, shit!! I couldn’t even get through the first week of the New Year without mucking things up! I need a Do-Over! (I wonder if there is a Do-Over Fairy – sister, perhaps, to one’s Fairy Godmother?)
Remember when you were a kid and things went really wrong; your over-energetic toss of the dice while playing a board game sent the dice into residence with the dust bunny colony under the sofa, or your volleyball serve somehow managed to hit the group of observers standing behind you? If you got really lucky, you were granted a Do-Over.

Well- Friday, Jan. 6th, 2006 really sucked, and I truly wish I could locate my Do-Over Fairy!!!! If you happen to see her, please give her a copy of this entry; I think she’ll agree I deserve to be granted the boon!

1) Trusting my rep at my on-line pharmacy, I expected my Enbrel delivery on Friday. Time unknown, but “sometime” on Friday. Therefore, I ignored my new-to-retirement habit and made sure I was dressed, groomed and presentable by 7:30AM (instead of slouching around in my comfy jammies for awhile.) Ugh!

2) I abandoned my favorite ‘surf-the-net/read-a-book’ location (the master bedroom, because it also has a super view of the visiting cardinals, blue jays, woodpeckers, finches, sparrows, tufted titmice and acrobatic squirrels), because it is extremely difficult to hear the doorbell from that part of the house.

3) I stayed out of my “Tower” workroom, because it takes approximately 6.2 seconds longer for me to get back downstairs to the front door than it takes the UPS delivery person to give up and return to their truck!

4) “Confined” to the family room to await the delivery, I was ambitious (and down-right stupid) enough to begin yet another new Project; a comprehensive, computerized Index of the contents of every issue of my miniatures magazine collection! Very useful, potentially to my local club members and my on-line groups as well as myself. Also a Monster Project (yeah, I really needed another one of those!), as I have a few hundred magazines in the collection!

5) Last on the list, but first in importance, I apparently allowed myself to get cranky, restless, irritated by the ‘delivery vigil’ and generally boring enough that I made a much-loved family member feel uncomfortable and unwelcome! @!!#&*#+%!! If anyone spots my missing Do-Over Fairy, please send her home!?!?

BTW: It’s 1PM on Saturday, Jan. 7th and my Enbrel still hasn’t been delivered!!

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  1. Shannon says:

    I think the Do Over fairy is under contract with various professional sports leagues, and more than a few of the Hollywood elite (she is VERY busy around wedding season! 😉 However, you can at least clear #5 from your list, as someone else needed a Do Over fairy that day, too!

    Love you!

    – Shannon

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