A Brand New Year!!

Goodbye, 2005 – Welcome,2006

I didn’t make any New Year’s Resolutions before the “ball dropped” (or rather, before the Valero sign exploded in fireworks so bright you couldn’t read whatever was written on it!) to usher in 2006. I didn’t have any wise or witty quips to make when Tom, Thomas & I toasted the event (while watching a rerun of 2005’s fireworks display on KENS TV because heavy fog had rolled into the downtown area and rendered the sky-aimed television cameras useless in capturing the actual display!) I honestly hadn’t given the passing of one year and the start of a new one much thought, beyond the standard and eternal “Where did the time go?” question.

This morning, on the first day of 2006, I was jarred into some belated consideration of the old, the new and the future. I did something I very rarely do; sat still and read through the entire Sunday paper! Among it’s collection of the mundane and the interesting, I encountered the Obituaries. . . . .and actually paused to read them. Two and one-half pages later, I came to a disturbing realization – fully one-third of these people were younger than I am! Hmmm. Well……. O.K. -Maybe I should make a few resolutions!! Like, “I’ll try to eat more often” (that will make sense to those who know me well) , or “I’ll try harder to not fall” (likewise). How about “I will live to be 90 and enjoy it”? Yeah! That’s nice and neat – sort of covers all the bases!

2005 was a landmark year for me, actually:

1) I finally realized that my job was absorbing nearly every creative thought and nearly all available energy, while it no longer held the challenge or satisfaction it once had! An old story. . . . . the cast of characters changed, camaraderie disappeared, the budget dwindled . When stools, ladders and heavy stacks of books slipped into my job description, self-preservation (finally) took over!

2) My accomplishments from Sept. 1st thru December 31st convinced me that I can still do A LOT in my personal life when work isn’t draining me totally! Unexpectedly, I can do quite a lot of physically demanding tasks (like cleaning out a 15 year accumulation in my “sewing room”, or reclaiming useable space in our art-filled loft) on much less medication than my job demanded.

3) Just as my early-retirement was beginning to bug me (the old fear of being a “quitter” kept surfacing), I was launched into a four and one-half month battle for disability benefits. The only people who did not consider my claim to be obvious and valid were the bureaukitties overseeing my retirement plan, and my success made me realize that I can still put up a good fight!!

Here’s to 2006!!! Here’s to seeing my kids even happier and more successful than they are now, here’s to the (still relatively new) job which is keeping Tom busy and happier and here’s to spending my time and energy on doing things which please and satisfy me! It’s going to be a Very Good Year!!!!!!!

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