I Made A Date!!!

Actually, I captured an entire month (or rather, my photo of my Petal Pushers florist’s shop did! The month of April, 2006, to be exact, in a calendar produced by the moderator of TheCamp@yahoo.com!!

When the call went out for photos of member’s projects several weeks ago, I did not jump to post any. Many of the members of The Camp are featured writers and guest artisans of the finest miniature magazines in the US, Canada and Europe. Many of them also do their own photography to illustrate their articles, web sites and catalogues. Granted, the original plan called for 4 photos (of dollhouses, vignettes, scenes or special pieces) per month. Even with 48 photos to be chosen, I wasn’t eager to compete on this level;-)

Therefore,I have absolutely no explanation for the flight of fancy which caused me to submit three photos after the deadline was extended! I knew, by then, that layout limitations and time constraints would limit this first year’s calendar to 12 of the best; certainly a better reason than most to expect nothing to come of my sudden leap away from good sense.

While catching up on e-mail, I noticed that a new edition of The Camp Digest (#1501, 12/17/2005) had arrived. Well down the page (on message #13), I found an early Christmas present:

Subject: The Camp Calendar for 2006

The calendar is complete and ready to order:

January – Flower Shop in a dome by Pat in Sarasota
February – Artist Roombox by Tanis
March – La Golondrina by Carol Jones
April – Florist Shop by Christy Blackburn < < < < < May – Shell Hutch by Jacqueline Glasser June – Circus by Alice Zinn July – Elvis Lamp by Gayle Davis, Gazebo by Sue Ezzell, DeskSet by NancyDay August – 1/2" Scale Li'l Belle by Barb Jones September – 1/144 Scale by Claire Schaeffer October – Driftwood Shop by Betsy Treurnicht November – Laboratory by Carol of S P Miniatures December – Red Hat Chair by Deb in Michigan Gulp! Splutter! Whee!!!! MommaCat

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  1. Shannon says:

    Congratulations, Mom! That is absolutely awesome! I can’t wait to see the calendar (and have my own copy to post for daughter’s-bragging-rights)

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