Dogs have masters-Cats have staff!

    As “MommaCat”, I suppose it is fitting that my first entry in this blog is cat-oriented. (For those who have never been owned, bullied and loved by a cat, you can probably stop reading right here – – – you won’t understand.)

    The time period from 3:25 through 6 this morning was (in this order) irritating, horrible, gut-wrenching, euphoric and exhausting . . . . . . . . all accomplished by one endearing and exasperating Very Large Cat. Yep – Sundance, the 20 lb. domestic/Maine Coon mix autocrat of the Blackburn household.

    I awoke at 3:25am, rather ‘pinned-in’ by the sheets and blanket because Sundance had chosen to curl up tight against my side. I nudged him with a knee. . . . . nudged harder, then harder still. Any self-respecting cat would have realized he was about to fall off the bed! As far as I could tell in the darkened room, he didn’t even twitch an ear. I poked him fairly hard a couple of times; cuddles are great but I really needed my sleep. Then. . . . .I realized that he was not responding to any of my signals at all. The pushing and poking did not even produce a twitch of his skin!

    Thus began the roller-coaster of emotions. “Think like an adult, Christy!” He has died, but look at the bright side; he obviously wasn’t in any pain at the end, the cancer surgery which made him our $1000. cat gave us almost a year more of enjoying his antics and personality. . . but now what??? I couldn’t awaken Tom with this news at 3:30am. We would do what was necessary when the alarm went off at 6 am. But. . . I can’t go back to sleep, here, with him pressing against my side! I managed to wriggle out of bed, around the very immobile, much-loved “fur kid”, and retreated to the sofa in our family room.

    First, Little Bit (aka Fossil – she’s ancient!) came to investigate my odd choice of location, then Diva (our baby Fur Kid) arrived to demand an explanation. A few minutes later (just when I was feeling extremely emotional), Cassidy (Sundance’s sister) came in to cuddle with me. That made me feel better, yet much worse! I must have finally dozed off near 5am, because I was startled awake by a large cat landing on my chest. . . . . .”Good Cassidy. Yes, I know you know something is wrong. Gee, you’re almost as heavy as. . . . wait a minute, Cassidy isn’t this heavy. . . . .SUNDANCE!?!!??

    After petting said cat until he was sick of it; explaining the series of events to Tom when the alarm clock woke him up at 6am and sending him off to work with a kiss. . . . . this exhausted cat minion went back to sleep for two more hours!!

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